Bethany Maines


Bethany Maines is proud to announce the launch of a new series set in her hometown of Tacoma – Tales from the City of Destiny! Now available in digital or trade paperback!

Bulletproof Mascara

When Nikki Lanier was offered a position with the Carrie Mae cosmetic corporation, she leapt at it. What she didn’t know was that she was getting more than just a job; she got a career in intrigue and espionage, complete with knock-out gas perfume, stiletto stiletto’s and a some kick-ass new friends. It’s a dream job… as long she can survive.

Compact with the Devil

When her South American assignment goes sideways, Nikki Lanier is handed the “special” assignment of babysitting European pop star Kit Masters. But in between fending off Kit’s advances, Nikki finds herself dealing with death threats, bus crashes and masked gunmen. This cushy assignment might not be so cushy after all.

High-Caliber Concealer

ON SALE: Nov. 17, 2015
When Nikki visits her childhood home in Washington State everyone wants a piece of her, including drug runners, an angry Sheriff with an axe to grind, and the boyfriend who left her broken-hearted. Nikki may be a High-Caliber Concealer, but this time it might not be enough.


Interview – 05.05.15Author’s First Radio
SHORT STORY “Power of Attorney” RELEASED – 05.28.14Available on Kindle Select to borrow and buy
SHORT STORY “Supporting the Girls” RELEASED – 08.23.12Available on line everywhere!
Blogging – every 2nd & 4th WednesdayThe Stiletto Gang
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Guest Speaker – 09.08.11Columbus Library, Salt Lake City UT
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Compact with the Devil Launch – 4.26.11King’s Books, Tacoma WA

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Bethany Maines

Bethany Maines is a native of Tacoma WA, who is actually very much like her fictional heroine Nikki Lanier: she travels to exotic lands, has the ability to kick some serious butt with her fourth degree black belt in karate, and has a day job to cover for her outside-of-work activities. And while her travels may not necessarily include fighting super agents of evil so much as eating spicy foods and hiking to the tops of mountains (okay, really big hills), her black belt skills are mainly employed in teaching karate to a classroom full of kids (although there was that one time in Paris…), and her day job is something she actually enjoys (graphic design is fun!), she’s pretty much a secret agent in her own right.


Supporting the Girls

Join Nikki and her covert team of make-up ladies on a brand new adventure! With the future of the Carrie Mae charity branch hanging in the balance, the girls go to work battling the gangs of the Motor City. This digital short story is available from all online booksellers, including Amazon, Barnes & Noble, iBook, and!

Power of Attorney

Nikki Lanier was enjoying a slow week covering for Mrs. Merrivel (away on a top secret mission), but when Mr. M lands in the hospital, she knows everything is about to go south. However, even Nikki isn’t prepared for the skeletons that are about to crawl out of Mr. M’s closet. Can Nikki and the girls protect Mr. M and unravel his mysterious past without compromising Carrie Mae secrets? Nikki never thought that a week at home could be so dangerous.  Now available on Kindle!