NAME: Marston, Ellen

ALIAS: none

AGE: 49

PLACE OF BIRTH: Wichita, Kansas

HEIGHT: 5’6”


HAIR: gray, dark brown

EYES: brown


FAMILY: Kate Sanders, Megan Ellis (daughters)

EMPLOYMENT: 2010 - current...Carrie Mae Foundation, Field Agent


PERSONAL HISTORY: The wife of a University level English professor Ellen was never considered unusual except for her interest in the sport of target shooting - an interest that she took care to keep discreetly away from her husbands more liberal, anti-gun colleagues. When her husband died unexpectedly after the marriage of their second daughter, Ellen found herself alone for the first time in thirty years and she returned to the target range as a way to fill her time. At the target range she met some very friendly women who worked for the Carrie Mae Foundation and she soon found herself recruited to their espionage branch.

Ellen Marston