NAME: Rozmarek, Jane

ALIAS: none

AGE: 23

PLACE OF BIRTH: Barstow, California

HEIGHT: 5’6”


HAIR: black / dark brown / orange / purple

EYES: brown


FAMILY: Michelle Rozmarek (mother), Karl Rozmarek (father)


  • 2005 - current...Carrie Mae Foundation, Information Specialist
  • 1999-2001...Dairy Queen, drive through operator

PERSONAL HISTORY: As the daughter of a Project Manager and an Army Computer specialist stationed at Fort Irwin, CA, Jane learned computer skills and object prioritization early in life. She worked her way through college at USC as a Dairy Queen drive-through operator and was heavily recruited by several companies. Carrie Mae beat the competition by promising her involvement in research & development and the chance to save the world occasionally. Her parents were very disappointed by her choice and believe that working for a make-up charity foundation is a waste of her talents.

Jan Rozmarek