NAME: Masters, Christopher “Kit”

ALIAS: none

AGE: 27

PLACE OF BIRTH: London, England

HEIGHT: 5'10"


HAIR: dark brown

EYES: blue

DISTINGUISHING MARKS: "Love Forever", celtic knot tattoo left shoulder

FAMILY: Camille Masters (mother), Declan O'Deirdan (father, deceased), Mathew O'Deirdan (uncle, presumed deceased), Maud Masters (grandmother)


PERSONAL HISTORY: Son of Agent Camille Masters and raised primarily by his grandmother Maud, Kit grew up in London and joined the boy band @Last. When the band imploded, Kit and fellow band member Brandt Dettling formed Faustus Records. Through constant touring Kit has gained a growing fan base and is on the precipice of international fame. About this time he also became a full blown drug addict. On his third album and third trip to rehab he decides to make a serious commitment to remaining sober. Only his body guard, Duncan, and his make-up lady, Trista, truly support him in this effort, everyone else thinks that by the end of the tour he’ll be back to drugs, just like every other tour.

Kit Masters