NAME: Phillipe Lanier

ALIAS: unknown

Age: 50

PLACE OF BIRTH: Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada

HEIGHT: 5’9”


HAIR: red/gray

EYES: gray


FAMILY: Nikki Lanier (Daughter), Nell Lanier (ex-wife)


PERSONAL HISTORY: Phillipe Lanier was a charming, carefree hippie, who wanted to help overthrow “the man”, get back to nature, and disassociate himself from his business mogul father. Nell O’Conelly, a farmer’s daughter, wanted to be the sort of person who had a business mogul husband. Neither of them got what they wanted. The final straw came when her Phillipe was busted for smuggling pot out of Canada. Determining that he was not the sort of influence she wanted on Nikki or herself, Nell divorced him and moved to Washington. Crushed by loss of his daughter, Phillipe began to travel as a merchant marine, an adventurous life that let him dabble in smuggling, revolutions, and eco-terrorism.

Phillipe Lanier