NAME: Robinson, Valerie "Val"
formerly Valerie Matheson


AGE: 42

PLACE OF BIRTH: Davisville, Rhode Island

HEIGHT: 5’9”


HAIR: black

EYES: brown

DISTINGUISHING MARKS: 666 tattoo on her right buttock

FAMILY: Robinson, Marc (divorced), Laura Matheson (aunt)


  • 1986 - current...Carrie Mae Foundation
  • 1983 - 1986...Carrie Mae (sales)

PERSONAL HISTORY: Val was born into a broken family and learned the life philosophy of looking out for number one early on. After she was arrested on racketeering charges (for running her make-up sales group like the mob), she was recruited to the Carrie Mae Foundation by Dr. Lillian Hastings. Valerie took to espionage quickly, but never really believed the “up with women” slogans of the Carrie Mae Foundation. After her marriage to art dealer Marc Robinson fizzled, Val became increasingly tempestuous and unable to co-exist with new working partners.

Val Robinson