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A Carrie Mini-Movie & Short Story

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With the release of the latest Carrie Mae story, Supporting the Girls, comes the Carrie Mae mini-movie!

Carrie Mae Mini-Movie

A World of Books

World Book Night is an annual celebration designed to spread a love of reading and books. Through donations from publishers, printers and authors the World Book Night Organization gave each book giver 20 books to hand out to the public. Bethany matched her 20 copies of Michael Connelly's Blood Work with 20 copies of Compact With the Devil and donated all the books to Cedarcrest Junior High students in Spanaway, WA.

Daily Dish of Compact

Crystal Lee Patriarche, the She Knows Book Club Director, and founder of Book Sparks PR, picks fun summer reads on the Daily Dish at SheKnowsTV, and Compact with the Devil is her choice for a Fashion & Beauty read!
Daily Dish

Compact in St. Louis

Catch Susan McBride, as she talks about her book picks for May and Memorial Day weekend - and guess which book is her second pick? That's right... Compact with the Devil!!
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Compact with the Devil
Launch Party

Thanks to King's Books for hosting a second Carrie Mae shindig! And thanks to everyone who attended. Check out the gorgeous photos from Patrick Snapp !

Compact With the Devil Launch Party!

Reviews for Compact with the Devil

by Stephanie Gutenberger
Compact with the Devil is book two in a new series about Nikki, a girl who thought she was trying a new career to get her mom off her back. But Carrie Mae is so much more than selling makeup; it's a super secret agency of female international spies. In book one, Bulletproof Mascara, Nikki was just getting her heels wet in the business. Now in Compact with the Devil she is seasoned and ready for anything, um, or almost anything. Hopping from country to country in Europe to protect Kit Masters, international rock star, while recovering from an unexpected break up with Z'ev, her hunky CIA boyfriend, was not what Nikki had in mind. And she missed Christmas. And lost her luggage.

I loved this book. I mean, come on! International spies covering as your local Carrie Mae distributors? Genius and original. Nikki is Stephanie Plum crossed with Charlie's Angels. She is not afraid to bust in, kick your butt, and then help you find the right shade of blush. A combination of humor, suspense, romance, and intrigue make Compact with the Devil a perfect summer read. Light but certainly not fluffy, it's what you need when you want to relax and be entertained.

This series is my new favorite mystery/chick lit since Janet Evonovich's Stephanie Plum. I cannot wait for more. I highly recommend both Bulletproof Mascara and Compact with the Devil, although you do not need to read them in order to appreciate these books!


Salt Lake County Library Services
Bulletproof Mascara was one of the nominees for the Spring 2011 Reader's Choice Award in Salt Lake County Utah!


Thanks to everyone who joined the celebration! The launch party was hosted by King's Books, and featured mini-makeovers by Che Mel. Check out photos from the event!

Bulletproof Mascara Launch Party!



Bulletproof Mascara cover

In Maines's delicious spy spoof debut, wide-eyed linguist Nikki Lanier joins the “confidential side” of Carrie Mae, a cosmetics giant like Mary Kay or Avon, whose charity foundation uses covert means to help women. Nikki doesn't bat an eyelash as she undergoes rigorous training at the company's academy in Santa Clarita, Calif., where female spies are stylishly equipped with gizmos like “pepper spray perfume, flash grenade lipsticks, mini-scanner compacts, knockout breath mints, acid nail polish, plastic explosive foundation, and stiletto stilettos.” With Valerie Robinson, a jaded pro, Nikki embarks on her first mission, to rescue Lawan Chinnawat, “one of the loudest voices protesting the sex trade that flourishes throughout Asia,” who's been abducted. The plot takes a few surprise twists before reaching the exciting climax. Maines deftly combines humor with action in this fashion-forward thriller, which will remind many of such TV shows as Charlie's Angels, Alias, and Heroes.