NAME: Lanier, Nicole "Nikki"

ALIAS: none

AGE: 25

PLACE OF BIRTH: Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada

HEIGHT: 5'4"


HAIR: red

EYES: gray


FAMILY: Nell O'Connelly (mother), Phillipe Lanier (father)

EMPLOYMENT: current Carrie Mae Foundation Agent

PERSONAL HISTORY: The daughter of a Quebecois Canadian and an American (divorced), Nikki has always felt different from her friends. Desperate to fit in with the popular crowd, Nikki joined many social clubs and became a cheerleader in high school. But her desperation and herd mentality eventually caused her college boyfriend, Jackson Tyrell, to break-up with her. When her post-college life yielded no jobs in her field, Nikki was forced to move back in with her mother. After winning the starter kit at a Carrie Mae recruiting meeting, Nikki tried Carrie Mae make-up sales. This attempt resulted in her arrest, and her later recruitment into the Carrie Mae Foundation by Mrs. Miranda Merrivel.
Nikki Lanier